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Sempai Crystal Schatz

Sempai Crystal Schatz (4th dan - yondan)

Crystal Schatz, in partnership with Robert Morgan, provides leadership and instruction in our junior karate program.

Crystal has been training in karate since 1997 and is currently ranked at 4th dan. Along with Robert, she is enrolled in the ISKF Instructor Program and is a 'C' class international referee. Crystal is pivotal in the successful delivery of our junior karate program and sets a fine example in the quality of karate she teaches as well as her training example and the extensive competition career that she has pursued.

Crystal has a master`s degree in biological sciences and has a young and growing family.

Here are a few of Crystal's recent tournament achievements:

"I have been training since 1997 and Karate has had a very positive impact on me. It has helped me develop confidence and pride in my abilities as well as discipline and courage to accomplish my goals. I hope that I am able to transfer some of these attributes to my students through practicing traditional Shotokan techniques interspersed with some fun physical development activities. Karate holds an important place in my heart and life and I believe karate can be a lifelong pursuit that can benefit all people of any age.

"ISKF Calgary is a wonderful place that encourages people to reach personal bests through training. It also supports athletes that would like to compete and test their skills beside fellow karate-ka. Being part of this dojo has led to some wonderful opportunities for me. I have had the privilege of representing our dojo at many competitions and it has enabled me to travel the world with my karate friends to compete in Kumite and Kata".